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Pawn Loans in Queens, New York

PAWN and SELL in Queens, New York, offers pawn loans and instant cash whenever you are short on cash. Next time you need a fast cash loan, don't get the runaround from a bank; get a quick and easy pawn loan from our pawn shop.

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Fast & Simple Pawn Loans

To get a fast and simple pawn loan, bring in an item for collateral to receive cash on-the-spot. We ensure that your item is in safe keeping with us, as it is locked away in a safe deposit box for the duration of your loan.
Our loans come with no strings attached, meaning you do not have to pay off the loan. If you decide not to pay off your loan, however, we will sell your merchandise. Once you have paid off the loan, bring in your pawn ticket to redeem your merchandise.

Loan Lengths

While banks offer loans for years with mile-high interest payments, we offer pawn loans for shorter lengths, from 1 day to 4 months. If you find that you need more time after your 4 months is up, let us know. We can extend the loan for 4 additional months for a finance charge. Once you have paid off the loan, bring your pawn ticket in to redeem your merchandise.